Some things, once you’ve loved them, become yours forever. And if you try to let them go, they only circle back, and return to you. They become a part of who you are. Or they d e s t r o y you.

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.


Frankie was the most popular walking into the house”

That awkward moment when Frankie stans don’t realize they’re proving everyone’s point that his popularity only exists off the backs of other people…

Only? Suppressed correlative much?

Prior to walking into the house, yes, that’s the only reason why anyone would have a platform prior to actually being on the show. See: Elissa, etc. This doesn’t mean that people didn’t watch the show not knowing who he was and liked him without that pre-show platform. I’m not really sure how or why you drew the conclusion that there’s only one reason why Frankie is liked.

Go back to 10th grade debate class, kiddo.



No one thinks Ariana is using Zach for fame. 

We think she’s using him to try to help her lameass nobody BROTHER’S popularity. 

Two very different things. 

And if you don’t think that she is well aware that Zach is the only reason Frankie ever had any amount of popularity in the BB fandom, you’re kidding yourself. 

Yeah I’m sure Frankie needs help from a grown ass man living in his mom’s house working as a waiter who cat ladies and old men have an unhealthy obsession with to be popular.

I’m sure he’s going to start crying once he sees that people on Joker’s decided to rank him lowly and that a bunch of trolls on twitter freakishly obsess over his every single move. Because they’re SO relevant.

It’s not like he gained more followers than every single houseguest combined while on big brother.

Zach had two storylines on big brother: being his douchebag tv character and his desire to dick down Frankie.

The ratings actually went up after he got evicted. Did Zach get a tribute on TVGN? Oh wait no, Zankie did.

You’ve got to be kidding yourself if Zach alone would be as popular as he is now if Frankie didn’t force him to cut he douchebag act around him.

I also find it so funny how these losers claim to hate Frankie so much then you go on there page and, GASP, every single post is about Frankie! He’s SO irrelevant that they just can’t keep his name out of their mouth.

I really wish they did follow through on their empty threats of not watching when their faves got evicted but then again it doesn’t seem like they really had a life to begin with.

Without Zach, Frankie’s popularity on the show would derive from his competition wins and his sister.

Without Frankie, Zach would be another stereotypical “douche bag frat boy.”

Zach only became a popular character after ‘Zankie’ became a thing. Go back and look at pre-show interviews and polls… no one liked the character he was playing prior to Frankie.

People like Zach because they either believe him to be queer or a straight man who is comfortable enough to be affectionate with queer men. Frankie humanized his ‘character.’

Zankie definitely helped Frankie’s popularity, but he had support prior to to it due to his sister’s fanbase, Broadway enthusiasts, and the Youtube community, and because he was the “token gay character” - right off the bat he has tons of support from his community due to LGBT visibility. Without Zankie, he would still be someone.

We cannot say the same for Zach - who was not a good gameplayer in the grand scheme of things. He was a great character, that’s why people like him… and 80% of that character ended up being reliant on Frankie.

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